Sunday, January 11, 2009


The vixen is back and boy has it been a start of 2009. I had my fix of hippie dressing in Goa. I love the way all the international tourists dress. It looks like they juss couldn't care a damn yet when u sit and notice them you realise they are actually conforming to a fashion, their hippie fashion. I see they are under as much pressure to look chilled out as you and I are under to look smart.

I love London high street fashion. Its like nearly every one is dressed differently but some how they all look like they are dressed in that seasons trends. Its like the women and men have individual style but still seem to have taken that one style which is that seasons and made it their own. Its absolutely inspiring to sit on Oxford street and see the ENTIRE world cross you lookin so HIP and COOL. The vixen is really impressed.

Then I cut to Delhi and the mall crawl here in Ambi mall gets me back to earth with such horrid dressing by the shoppers. Some of them really make you stop and stare and think...what the hell were you thinking! What is it about delhites that makes them so uncool??Why do women wear super tight jeans with the pockets juss under their hips, aren't they supposed to be a little above?! I also often wonder whats the fascination of the Delhi women and their paunch showing under a super tight Lycra top?!!

Today fashion is so easily accessible to the youth. They can get on the net and a 100 fashion magazines that are available. Many many years back I used to go to Shankar market to buy second hand "phoren" magazines to check out the world outside India. I can never thank those magazinewalla enough today.

OK ladies tips for the winters. Get your self one nice long coat( could be trench if you think you are cool enough to carry it: ) !), a pair of nice boots, well fitting jeans and a number of inexpensive yet colourful mufflers. I am a big one for mufflers. Keep it basic and simple and you are set for the winters.

Last but not the least, please feel free to shoot the next lady you see wearing socks and sandals under western wear!! The Vixen thinks we have been given one life to live and we should live it fashionably. Please don't read fashion as expensive, I am big one for Janpath and Sarojini. You can get some really good high street fashion stuff there.

Only great minds can afford a simple style. Seed for thought?!!


SePuLcHrE said...

any advice for men? rather boys :p
who wud know better than the ladies out there ;)

small miracle said...

I am so gonna do a blog on male dressing!! : )

SePuLcHrE said...

thank u :)))))))))

keep in mind little kids like me!

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

yep...male dressing is very imp
some of us are in dire situations and need fashion mantras asap....

despite being known as of us need help!!

This is that said...

Thank you goddessss

small miracle said...

not goddess...its vixen : )