Thursday, November 1, 2007

cause and effect

While growing up one is always told about cause n effect and one doesn't for a minute to wait to think how true it could follows u through life and there is no respite!

The day i get into office all happy and content i see my team echo my mood...the day my mood is dark all i see is unhappy and angry faces around me. Its like u literally make the day happen in front of you. one has the power but one just doesn't realise it.

I learnt it the hard hard way by reacting to people and moods, now its about leading the pack with my aura and attitude. Try it!! Now how is that as a seed for thought?


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

yes i completely agree with u on does have the power to control their day, ultimately everything depends on one's self...regardless of the madness ensuing outside

Nice one! :)

rubjee said...

Small Miracle,
what is your morher's name?
Is it Chitra(Billo) or Shoba?
Write to me at
Very sorry to hear about Ravi.
Please convey my condolences to evryone.