Friday, November 2, 2007

coulda woulda shoulda

How many of us spend our life in the coulda, woulda, shoulda mode! I coulda waited to get married, i woulda got a better job and i shoulda bought that skirt...the list is endless. We spend so much of our life time wondering what was the right thing to have done, said or acted upon. Some times so much of our life goes in the "coulda, woulda and shoulda".

I coulda started a blog earlier, i woulda have loads of people interested in my ramblings and i shoulda not have wasted those many hours away watching TV!

Its so interesting to see that we spend so much time in retrospect. Life should have come with a remote control to rewind and fast forward so much that happens to us. Some times things happen to us without our blessings and most of the times we invite what we get in our lives. hmmm...hows that for a seed for thought???

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prasadk said...

yeah.. I used to spend lot of time thinking I should have done this-that... but nowdays I think like my life should hve been like... :)