Monday, May 18, 2009


Today something shocking happened. A really bright boy who most certainly stood out in the crowd of Ogilvy, committed suicide. This boy was smart, well dressed, and good at his work and certainly got people’s attention when he entered the room. There are many people in Ogilvy and chances are I won’t recognise most of them if I see them on the road outside, but this guy I remember from the first instant I saw him.

I believe he did this as he had a fight with his girlfriend and they had broken up. Imagine a bight confident boy from the outside was so emotionally vulnerable from the inside. I am sure there must have been other issues that would have been building up in his life and probably this was the last straw that did him in.

It also makes me wonder, did he not have people in his life that he could reach out too. Was his pain only his own that he couldn’t share it with anyone…and if he did have pillars of strength in his life, would he have given up his life? So many questions about a person I hardly knew but saw every day. His death has affected my team and me. It’s really sad and shocking to say the least.

Just made me want to thank all the people who have stood by me. I know I have already done that, but yes it’s so important to be made to feel loved and cherished, while going through a crisis. How easily I could too have gone down the path of self-destruction if I did not have conviction in life and people.

The path of happiness will always be an uphill task and the path rolling down to sadness and depression so easy. I am so glad that I have people around me who have shown me the light to happiness when I could not see the way. There were no streetlights and the road was dark and full of potholes…but friendships shone the light of love and affection and I found my way. Yes, I took time. Maybe, a long time. Now I can see the path… Very well lit path.

Siddharth, though I did not know you well. I wish for your soul to find peace. Bless you!!

Our Mind thinks of Death
Our Heart thinks of Life
Our Soul thinks of Immortality.


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

i know..its so sad!
how can anything be worth one's life
it scares me...
i wish everyone enough strength to tide through anything and i wish and pray that everyone in my life seeks support if things go bad..

ending life without finding the answers of each perilous situation is not the way..what happens to the loved ones u leave behind, did they deserve it? its too tragic, im deeply saddened and shocked today.

SePuLcHeR said...

tragic. sad.
ur ryte when u say maybe he din have pillars....real pillars down there to support him...or else he wouldnt have gone down that way.
may his soul find peace ...

glad u got great people around u... n i wish they make u smile and laugh forever.


agent green glass said...

gosh. that's so sad.really, i always think imagine having to reach a stage where you have no one to turn to, no shoulder to cry on, no one to pick you up...or maybe you do, but you don't just know it. either ways i hope it never happens to anyone.
love. and hugs.