Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shooting Stars

“If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?”

Gone. Just like that.

One fine day I find out that Sheetanshu is no more. How is that possible? He just turned 33. We were together night before last on Diwali eve…he is so young? We are all were at my place playing cards till 3 am night before Diwali?? I mean I just spoke with him yesterday…what the hell are you saying? I mean I flew in early from Bbay to celebrate his birthday and wanted to keep it a surprise…what a fun evening it was, celebration of being alive and clocking another year. And now he is no more…just like that he had a heart attack. How kind he was to me? He and his better half shared their friendship with me unabashedly. What a Rock star!

Two days later while I am UK I find out that Nandu is no more… one of the most respected guys of the Advertising Industry is not here any more. Nandu like me was a regular Facebooker and without fail have an interesting update, quiz or music link uploaded. I did not know him too well but we certainly spoke now and then on FB. I looked forward to his updates, it had become a habit. There are regulars on FB and he was one of them on my page. I had time to get to know him better so I never bothered speeding up the process. What a Rock star too!

One a dear friend with whom there was still so much more to share, learn, talk, exchange…the other a quiet inspiration who was very close to a lot of friends of mine…and both the deaths shook me equally. Two Stars gone...just like that to heart attacks.Too young..too soon!

Made me question life..since 10th Nov that all I have been doing…thinking …questioning…agonizing and GRIEVING!

What is death…just a reminder that we are LIVING?!

A seed for Thought the ones like me who can’ t understand why the good ones are taken away do fast and the terrible ones live to be 100!!

PS: My last post was after I came back from Sheetanshu's birthday party at 2.30 am. How happy I was to have him and his wife as my friends. Little did I know that my next post will be after he is no more...I feel immense sorrow and can't stop grieving.