Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today was one of those days when it is burning hot outside and all the cars decided to pile up at every damn street crossing. I took forever to get to my new work place (3rd day at work!). So like many other people I was busy getting grumpy behind the wheel when I heard a knock on my car window. With a big fat frown I turned towards this really cute beggar girl. She wanted a rupee and I wasn’t in the mood to give out any alms, after all I was really grumpy you know!

Then I noticed very pretty gold earrings she was wearing (yeps gold!!) and signaled to her that they are very pretty. She gave me a BIG smile and blushed a little even. Then she with a big grin showed me her glass bangles to which I signaled great stuff. The she open her palms and showed me a henna design. I smiled and showed her my ring and at that point the signal changed to green. While I was just taking off she ran next to my window and showed me her silver nail paint! I blew her a kiss.

What and extra ordinary way to start the day. Especially in middle of so much of chaos and grumpy faces in every car. Made me smile. This exchange also led me to think that end of the day a girl is a girl. We all like to dress up, wear jewellery, bangles, and paint our nails. Here is a beggar girl with all the essential “Sringhaar” of an Indian woman. If only she had got her hair done… I don’t think she would have been any different from the girls driving their cars to work.

“Every girl should use what Mother Nature gave her before Father Time takes it away.” A Seed for Thought for those who take beauty of life for granted?!


Mystic Oracle said...


Small Miracle said...

Hey Mystic...didn't realize u were still readin my blog :)

prasadk said...

"the girl is girl"...It's so true . And the girl in the pic is soo cute and innocent.
Enjoyed reading this post.

Small Miracle said...

thanks for reading my blog prasad :)

that kid was too damn cute...made me smile...